WSRA 20/20 Re-Slam

The WSRA 20/20 Recycling Slam is a gathering to exchange ideas, energy and share your commitment to recycling! Members of the recycling community show 20 slides, and talk about each for 20 seconds. Stories are shared and connections made in this fast-paced slam!

Submit your idea by 5:00 PM on March 14! 

The Format

Ten participants each get to show 20 slides with images only, and speak for only 20 seconds per slide (a total of a little over six minutes). The slides are on a timer, so the format is set. The total time of the event is around 90 minutes, including a 10-minute intermission halfway through.

The presentations will take place in a lounge type setting, so it will be a relaxed, informal environment. This is a purely social opportunity for attendees and is an optional event during Conference programming. 

The Idea

You are passionate about Recycling. So are we. That is what has brought us together. But sometimes what you have to share or the topic you want to connect on doesn’t fit the format of a formal conventional conference presentation. Or maybe you want to share something completely different.
The 20/20 Recycling Slam is for you. You are invited to present on anything that can tie into the conference theme “Navigating the Waves of Change.” It does not have to be recycling related.

The key to a great presentation is to present something you love. Share personal stories, tell jokes, insights, lessons learned, projects, volunteering, vacation photos or your dreams and ambitions!

The event is about sharing and conveying experiences to people you might not get a chance to connect with about a particular experience or interest. The sky is the limit.

Think of it as a fun professional development activity. You get to hone your presentation skills in a friendly environment on a subject you care about.

The Presenters

We are seeking approximately 8 community members from varying sectors to present.The idea is to share your passion or a story or a message or your expertise. The beauty of 20/20 Slam is that you never know what to expect or what you’re going to learn about, but you know that you’ll be introduced to interesting people. Whether you want to share your expertise in pygmy goat keeping, a tale of how you survived a roller derby match, your vacation photos from New Zealand or your ideas on how solve the issue of glass recycling in rural areas --- this is the platform for you!

Have something you want to share? Send your 2-sentence proposal to: [email protected]
Submit your idea by 5:00 PM on March 14!