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Strategic Communications Advisor (SA 1)
Seattle Public Utilities
Seattle, WA

4:00 PM Pacific

UW Recycling Waste Collector, requisition 158995
University of Washington
Seattle Washington


Program Manager, Waste
Seattle, WA


Public Sector Manager
Waste Management
Kirkland, WA


Curriculum Specialist/Educator (Scroll Down on Page)
Nature Vision
Woodinville, WA


Education Program Manager
Nature Vision
Woodinville, WA


Part Time Classroom Presenter/Environmental
Educator- Snohomish and King Counties

Triangle Associates, Inc.
Snohomish and/or King County


Lautenbach Industries Job Openings
Mount Vernon, WA


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Maika Bui, [email protected]

View Maika's Resume HERE

Spirited engineering graduate eager to exercise strategic planning, organizational, and managerial skills in solid waste.